This isĀ one of the digital spaces for our 2016 Advent Study, just for us gals. We’ll journey together with Louie Giglio’s daily advent devotional, “Waiting Here for You.” Additionally, you can post on the facebook page of the same name. If you want your replies to be private, simply message me on FB or send an email to layne.miller@aldersgateyork.com.

Here’s how it works:
1. Purchase your own book. I use half.com for a used copy and am always happy with the quality. Even with shipping, it’s less than retail. http://product.half.ebay.com/Waiting-Here-for-You-An-Advent-Journey-of-Hope-by-Louie-Giglio-2013-Paperback/171799070&tg=info
2. Hold your book lovingly. Begin to pray about the coming season. But DO NOT read ahead! It is tempting, I know, but we all want to stay on the same page – literally.
3. Choose a journal or app or create a folder on your computer. Just find some way of recording your thoughts/ responses to the daily devotional.
4. Stay tuned. I’ll send another email with more info in a couple of weeks. The study will officially begin November 25 – the day after Thanksgiving – with “What are you waiting for?”
I’d love to hear from you once you have your book. But it’s not absolutely necessary. Also, feel free to invite a friend – or many!